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The Jets have a pile of cap room Terrence Brooks Jerseys 2019 , and a clear need for offensive skill position talent.And when they sign their inevitable next running back, one’s going to be heading the other direction.According to Manish Mehta of the White Josh Martin Jerseys , the expectation is that the Jets will quickly release running back Isaiah Crowell once they sign a back early in free agency.Whether that’s Le'Veon Bell or Tevin Coleman or someone else remains to be seen, but Crowell’s contract forces them make a decision quickly.As part of the three-year deal Crowell signed last offseason Josh Martin Jerseys 2019 , $2 million is guaranteed if he’s on the roster the third day of the league year.Crowell wasn’t bad last year, averaging 4.8 yards per carry before a foot injury sent him to injured reserve. He had a 219-yard game against the Broncos White Juston Burris Jerseys , and only one other 100-yard game all year. But the greater issues of their offense made it hard to blame any individual for a lack of production. Manish Mehta says he has discovered the Jets’ 2019 schedule.The Jets’ 2019 schedule has reportedly leakedNew,271commentsEDTShareTweetShareShareThe Jets’ 2019 schedule has reportedly leakedRich Barnes-USA TODAY SportsManish Mehta says he has discovered the Jets’ 2019 schedule.Here are the games. Mehta says the Jets will have three primetime games.Week 1: Home vs. BuffaloWeek 2: Home vs. Cleveland on Monday Night FootballWeek 3: at New EnglandWeek 4: ByeWeek 5:at PhiladelphiaWeek 6: Home vs. DallasWeek 7: Home vs. New England on Monday Night FootballWeek 8: at JacksonvilleWeek 9: at MiamiWeek 10: Home vs. GiantsWeek 11: at WashingtonWeek 12: Home vs. OaklandWeek 13: at CincinnatiWeek 14:Home vs. MiamiWeek 15: at Baltimore on Thursday Night FootballWeek 16: Home vs. PittsburghWeek 17: at Buffalo..............There have been rumors over the last few weeks that the Jets and Browns would open the season with a Monday Night game. These rumors were refuted by a few people in the know. If they are playing on Monday Night the second week of the year Juston Burris Jerseys 2019 , it would explain both where the rumor started and why it was refuted.I will have more thoughts after the official announcement of the schedule. I don’t have any reason to doubt Mehta, but we still will wait for official confirmation from the league tonight.

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