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Jiangyin Fine Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated in R&D of agitators, dispersers, bead mills, mixing kettles and bag filters since 1970s. Our products are widely used in such industries as paint, dye, printing ink, pesticide, papermaking and adhesive. We have produced the largest paint mixing kettle in China and vertical bead mills which represent the world leading technology. In 2006, Jiangyin Fine Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. set up a joint venture Jiangyin Microtron Machinery Co., Ltd. with Cheshire Dispersion Co., Ltd.(UK).
Microtron vertical bead mill was listed in the top 10 inventions of UK in 2006, which has been recognized as the highest efficient grinding equipment. We have become the largest specialized company and our turnover has been steadily occupying the top position in this business line in China. Our rich expertise, reliable product quality, precise machining and considerate service will ensure you a satisfactory solution.
Since products into market , the sales have been to South America,Mid-east, and many Asian countries, and obtained over 10 superior channel cooperation partners. Hence We have got a good position in domestic and oversea market.
Our company pays high attention to fostering the talent team. We arrange the training for administrative staffs variableinterval, so that we can keep pace with the Times, and also can meet new requirements from various customers.
The company passed the ISO9001 certification, and the European Union CE certificate authentication. In the hardwareside, the main large-scale production equipments are two Hypertherm NC cutting machine from United States, one NC platebending roll, and an automatic welding center. We also have more than fifty liters of double housing planer planning machine,jig boring machine and large-scale lathe. Then we can make sure our production, our monthly production capacity is morethan 100 sets.
Carry forward our cause and forge ahead into the future, Jiangyin Fine Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd will keep the goodfaith, constantly open up enterprising spirit and dedication, and will do our best to service for the vast number of new andold customers.
Our Service
Before sales: we introduce our Fine machines responsibly according to client actual requirement ,if need the customization service锛宱ur experienced technical engineer shall go to visit.
During sales:Fine Machinery is in charge of site installation and commissioning via communication and coordination.
After sales: organize the after-sales service team to guide customers in the use of products and matters needing attention, to provide free door-to-door service for products during the warranty period, to ensure that customers without any worries.Vertical Seal Sand Mill

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