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Path of Exile is the first comprehensive online Diablo game built on the huge item category, character development, PVP competition, and competition ladder system. It has been sought after by many dark fans and hardcore players. When it comes to the Path of Exile, the rich BD feature will be mentioned frequently. BD, the abbreviation of Build, can be understood as the combination of the skill, talent, and equipment of the game character, which is the genre of the player character.

Experienced players will understand that Path of Exile is the most core and interesting gameplay in the game, which is to develop a variety of BD. Of course, the pursuit of high output and high efficiency has always been one of the original intentions of BD creation. However, some players occasionally develop some “deep ice” BD, for example, using only one special effect, or simply let the full screen by special effects.

Many new exiles will choose to follow the gods and refer to and learn from the mature BD in the form of “copy homework”. But this time Path of Exile is ready to let players do a big job, try to create BDBD with a more interesting activity. As a professional hardware manufacturer “ASUS”, after expressing the event, he is dissatisfied and willing to provide the latest activities. The ASUS graphics card accepts challenges from all Path of Exile.

In Path of Exile, the effects of some skills are very exaggerated. For example, in a previous version, the effects of the current storm feature were very “bright”. The ordinary release will make the effects fill the screen, not to mention the entertainment BD that some players will develop specifically for this effect.

Some even joked that this may be a “game that can feel the feeling of opening without spending money.” Because there are quite a few items in the Path of Exile that are available for skills, props, and talents, the path is chosen by each player is the same. There are a lot of holes in the props. Under certain combinations, it is not surprising that the effects of certain skills are like opening.

So for many players who like Path of Exile, the most fun part is not a copy of the Raiders and BOSS – at least they can only bring short-term happiness, the real reason for the core players to indulge in this is that they are developing various styles. There are countless choices and possibilities for all kinds of fun and flamboyant BDs, which is the core of the Path of Exile gameplay.

Since it’s so fun to develop a BD that’s a bit “no business”, then Path of Exile certainly wants more players to experience this kind of fun. This Path of Exile will join ASUS and multiple user communities to launch the “Destruction of the Card” campaign. Between November 5th and November 14th, Path of Exile players can participate in these platforms by publishing their own “full-screen effects” BD videos and instructions.

From November 16th to November 23rd, each division will submit the player’s work to ASUS, and the ASUS technology god will belong to the player BD November 26x PoE Exalted Orb as the rewards.

Of course, for those players who are not very good at it, Path of Exile also gives full care – in the interaction of Weibo or Tigers to participate in related topics, it is also possible to become the koi of Xidi ASUS graphics card.

On November 5th, Path of Exile’s “Destruction Card Destroyer” event will be officially opened, but more importantly, the Path of Exile game does have unlimited possibilities in terms of gameplay. In recent years, those popular games have basically been played. They are all related to the word “creation”, so players who like to study may wish to try this game, maybe a BD.

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