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I think this is pretty rad, I only hope it's executed. I guess this is quite similar to the other RuneScape ability"Dungeoneering" which imo is a really bad RuneScape ability, let alone minigame. I truly need it to RS gold be ported to OSRS if less a RuneScape ability then at least as a minigame.Its not really a RuneScape skill though, thats the issue. Its a minigame with RuneScape ability features hit. It has a minigame reward method. Whether you enjoy it or not is immaterial. It could be enjoyable. It may be a fantastic minigame. However, its RuneScape skill. And dont get me started.

Please correct me if I am completely off, since I haven't played or looked into it. For that you'd want to input Priffdinas, which requires a high degree account in order to finish the quest. I have not finish the quest and so I haven't try the gauntlet. But from what I know, it is the boss each time. It's just that the dungeon is randomly generated. Also, it's also a solo minigame, which sucks considering that this is an MMO.

A minigame like dungeoneering would be nice for raid-like set content together with the floor. Agreed. Dungoneering was the sole RuneScape skill that attracted the entire of runescape; playstyles together, from RuneScape skillers, to Pvmers. The difficulty was that the rewards and just method to measure the RuneScape skill was the minigame. An researching RuneScape ability that sailing and is dungoneering with more information could include much to RuneScape.

But the same pure 2007 players(Whom allow increasingly more overpowered items in RuneScape and PVM ironically) are so against any new RuneScape skill they spite vote each additional which does not add to their own particular playstyle. Now RuneScape is dying because they do not want to be ass'd to grind the following RuneScape ability regardless of what it might add to RuneScape, but sure that fresh 100% xp increase to buy OSRS gold a RuneScape skill content is nice and the new weapons which 1 shot any pvm is great.

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