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It has always been thought that the weight of "love" is too heavy, it seems that it is only a word that cannot be reached in affectionate dialogues or novels. But I always think that I understand "love" because I have learned "Father's love is like a mountain", I also recognize "mother's love is like water", and I have written compositions about family love. If this building does not understand love? "Father's love is like a mountain", I understand. It means that my father's love is as steady as a mountain, and I always give it in silence, so I understand that my father returns early and returns every day. He usually talks little with me and loves me. However, this is just beautiful words that comfort me. I can't say many words every day. How come I love them? A few days ago, after the evening self-study, Lao Yuan saw his father and his motorcycle. I ran over and got on the bus skillfully, just as when I was in elementary school a few years ago [url=cigarettesusastore.com]Cheap Cigarettes[/url], the wind was very strong, and I was a little chilly when it was blowing. Father's thick voice came from the front: "Hold me and put your hand in my purse [url=cigarettesusastore.com]Newport 100S[/url]." I obediently agreed. When I crossed my hands around my father's waist, I was a little trance. I haven't had such close contact for two years. When I was in junior high school, my father had fewer pick-ups, and I never grew up holding him consciously. The purse was not warm, but my heart shone in the autumn night gloom, shining a beam of sunshine, which just warmed the atrium. I took off my glasses, put them in my hands, leaned my head against my father ��s generous back, and closed my eyes. When I was in elementary school, whenever I approached the school gate, I would pinch his waist and signal him to stop and attract his criticism. I can't help but laughenjoyed this short period of ten minutes, letting my heart go with me, to feel the rare warmth between father and son. I think at this time we are connected. At least at this moment, I think he loves me, and I love him too. When I came home, I had no intention to glance at my father who was blown by the wind. He had some pale face, and he felt uncomfortable. My father ��s responsibility was to work hard outside to support my family; Solid shield. For eight years, my father has ignored the wind and rain and picked me up. This is not only a responsibility for him, but also an expression of love. I didn't understand it, but I really didn't understand the weight of my father's love. I do n��t understand that he works abroad, but he cares about me verbally, but he is also loving me. I do n��t understand that he shields me from the wind and rain. My "understanding" used to be a lie to deceive myself [url=salesmoking.com]Newport Cigarettes Coupons[/url], but now, there is really a kind of "out of the clouds to see the blue sky", and it is also accompanied by deep guilt. Please forgive me for having resented your father, but I really understand now. I have paid to you silently for fourteen years and loved silently. I want to say: "Dad I love you."

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