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 Betreff des Beitrags: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Store for Business to be Scrapped So
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Microsoft is going to step back from its application store for businesses and Education to undo past Windows 10 app-distribution errors.

Microsoft is planning to remove mess from its digital application store designed specifically for the businesses. According to My Contacts, it is the latest planned moved of the Redmond-based multinational company.

Originally named as Windows Store, The Microsoft Store is a built-in application in the Windows 10 operating systems. The company started testing The Microsoft Store for Business and the Microsoft Store for Education four years back. Both these stores were designed for administrators who wanted to make their business applications accessible to outside users for volume acquisition as well as distribution.

These stores provided those admins a path for customized line-of-business distribution within a specific company. In 2019, officials from Microsoft have announced that the company’s main plan to persuade developers to develop applications compatible with UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and updatable only through its own store failed to implement. Most developers didn’t find Windows as a platform that is worth for writing new UWP applications.

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Kevin Gallo, company’s corporate VP of the Windows Developer Platform said last year, “Microsoft’s present plan is that the Windows 10 application should not only be in the Windows Store. The Windows Store is about business and a way for the distribution. However, it is not the only medium to get the applications, he added further.

Microsoft hasn’t announced anything about the removal of the Windows Store for Business yet. But, official sources from the company have been attempting to present a concerted strategy that doesn’t call for the company to give away the Windows Store web version.

In a recent post, My Contacts has mentioned that the future of the Windows 10 Store for Business and Windows 10 Store for Education is uncertain at this point. It seems like the team that controls both these digital stores has decided to remove them. It is also been said that these stores will be discontinued b the end of this fiscal year. But, nothing is sure as of now.

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