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Newest England Car kids ride arcade machines unblocked cargames kiddie ride for sale
Name Yellow car coin operated children games kiddie ridePlace of OriginGuangzhou, China
Player 1LanguageEnglish / Chinese
Material19"/22"/32"/42"/47"/55"/65" LG/HD DisplayCabinet Size1200*630*900mm
IO systemKey in/outWeight50KG
Coins OperatedPacking Air bubble + Stretch film + Wooden Case
Voltage110V to 230V
Power 150W to 750WWarranty13 months for the machine
Software Windows XP, Windows 7Life time technical support
What's the features of coin operated kiddie ride?
1. Electronic coin acceptors
2. Reliable mechanism
3. Real music
4. Adjustable pricing /programming
5. A credit timer displayer
6. Prize meter
7. Generous and deluxe appearance ,humanity design for easy and comfortable operation
8. New and unique programme .extremely attractive
9. Exciting movement ,strong feeling of real car racing
10. Adjustable ,high accuracy and stability
How to play coin operated kiddie ride?
1. Insert coins;
2. Choose different scene;
3. It will swing with the music;
4. When music over, the swing will be finished.
How to care coin operated kiddie ride?
1. Keep the room clean and decrease the duty, clean the surface of game machine with a dry, soft tool.
2. Avoid sun shine the game machine straightly with a long time, keep all the machine drying.
3. Checked machine lines various spare parts and every day, detected the problems in time, prepared to work next day.
4. If you don't need the game machine, to be packaged it well to place. Avoid the machine is damp and aging, please open the machine to run 30 minutes in every two weeks.buy Kiddie Ride

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