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Since the glass curtain wall is composed of glass and metal structure, the glass surface has strong heat exchange and high heat transmittance, so it has a great influence on indoor thermal conditions. In the summer, the sun shines through the glass into the room, which is the main cause of overheating in the room. Especially in hot areas in the south, if the human body is exposed to direct sunlight, it will feel hot and uncomfortable. The shading system on the glass curtain wall can minimize the direct sunlight and avoid overheating in the room. It is one of the main measures for building heat protection in hot areas. After setting the sunshade, it will have the following effects and effects:

The effect of shading on solar radiation

The thermal insulation performance of the external protection structure is affected by many factors, and the most influential indicator is the shading coefficient. In general, the shading coefficient is controlled by the properties of the material itself and the environment. The shading coefficient is the ratio of the solar radiation heat through the enclosure with shading and the enclosure without shading. The smaller the shading coefficient, the smaller the solar radiation heat through the outer protective structure, and the better the heat protection effect. It can be seen that the effect of the sunshade on shielding the solar radiant heat is quite large, and the shading measures of the glass curtain wall building are more effective.

Shading on indoor temperature

Shading has a significant effect on preventing indoor temperature rise. Test observations in the hot summer area show that in the case of closed windows Laminated insulated glass, there is no shading, and the difference in room temperature is large. Moreover, when there is a sunshade, the room temperature amplitude is small, the room temperature has a maximum time delay, and the indoor temperature field is uniform. Therefore, the sunshade can reduce the cooling load on the air-conditioned room, so for air-conditioned buildings, the sunshade is one of the main measures to save energy.

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