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Shenzhen MIQI Electronic Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive and technological strength enterprise full of vigor and creativity, specialized in researching, manufacturing and selling power banks, solar chargers, universal chargers and intelligent products connected with portable chargers.Shenzhen MIQI focus on R&D of solar and new energy digital products, advocating green and environmental friendly concept to guide new and green lifestyle. MIQI provide solutions of portable electrical products in all directions to bring specially elegant life experience for customers. Our products are very popular in US, European, Southeast Asian, Africa and so on because of strong R&D team with best service, honesty management,stable quality and novel design.
Located in shenzhen a frontier city in science and technology of China, adjoined HK, Shenzhen MIQI close to airport has exceptional advantages to foreign exchange.
MiQi constantly develops lots of products full of interestingness, fashion, beauty and creativity by understanding products in different angles and researching on people's life habits, which can make technology closer to life and products meet people's needs of taste and feelings. We build the impact and reputation of brand "MiQ" by creating all kinds of digital products hardware with fashion、good taste and uniqueness, dedicated to bring people environmental friendly, highly efficient and more fashionable quality of life.Our brand is aimed at creating a green,natural and enjoyable new life.We call for green and fashionable lifestyle:lighting the world by new energy and creating a better life.
MIQI adheres to the management idea of win-win, based on quality-oriented and customer-concentric, devoted to service customers around the world.Our enterprise mission is providing customers green environmental friendly products with high quality and fashion style, which creates simpler, higher efficient and more colorful life. We have became first level OEM and ODM supplier of many famous brands overseas.To bring people better life experience and transmitting products culture, we are expecting to cooperate with more good partners.
The road is under our feet. We are on the way all the time.
We are expecting to work together with you in this road full of solar sunshine and dream.
Power your life, anytime, anywhere.
Main products of Shenzhen MIQI Electronic Co., Ltd:
Power banks, solar chargers, folding solar panel chargers, solar lanterns and so on.
Product Application:
Mobile phones, laptops, computers, camera and other electronic products
Certificates of our products:
Equipments of our factory:
SMT machine, aging test machine, spot welding machine, DC power supply, electronic load tester, Vibration tester, battery capacity detector, injection machine
Main market:
US, Europe (mainly Germany and UK), Africa and Asiancar charger forgalaxy S7 price

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