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 Betreff des Beitrags: Get the Feasible and Real Time Assistance By Just Calling At
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 Betreff des Beitrags: WAVE DEGREE
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All waves may be categorized by relative size, or degree. Elliott discerned nine degrees of waves, from the smallest wiggle on an hourly chart to the largest wave he could assume existed from the data then available. He chose the names listed below to label these degrees, from largest to smallest:
Grand Supercycle Supercycle Cycle Primary Intermediate Minor Minute Minuette Subminuette
It is important to understand that these labels refer to specifically identifiable degrees of waves. For instance, whenwe refer to the U.S. stock market's rise from 1932, we speak of it as a Supercycle with subdivisions as follows:
1932-1937 the first wave of Cycle degree
1937-1942 the second wave of Cycle degree
1942-1966 the third wave of Cycle degree
1966-1974 the fourth wave of Cycle degree
1974-19?? the fifth wave of Cycle degree
Cycle waves subdivide into Primary waves that subdivide into Intermediate waves that in turn subdivide into Minor and sub-Minor waves. By using this nomenclature, the analyst can identify precisely the position of a wave in the overall progression of the market, much as longitude and latitude are used to identify a geographical location. To say, "the Dow Jones Industrial Average is in Minute wave v of Minor wave 1 of Intermediate wave (3) of Primary wave [5] of Cycle wave I of Supercycle wave (V) of the current Grand Supercycle" is to identify a specific point along the progression of market history.
When numbering and lettering waves, some scheme such as the one shown below is recommended to differentiate the degrees of waves in the stock market's progression:

The most desirable form for a scientist is usually something like 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, etc., with subscripts denoting degree, but it's a nightmare to read such notations on a chart. The above tables provide for rapid visual orientation. Charts may also use color as an effective device for differentiating degree.
In Elliott's suggested terminology, the term "Cycle" is used as a name denoting a specific degree of wave and is not intended to imply a cycle in the typical sense. The same is true of the term "Primary," which in the past has been used loosely by Dow Theorists in phrases such as "primary swing" or "primary bull market." The specific terminology is not critical to the identification of relative degrees, and the authors have no argument with amending the terms, although out of habit we have become comfortable with Elliott's nomenclature.
The precise identification of wave degree in "current time" application is occasionally one of the difficult aspects of the Wave Principle. Particularly at the start of a new wave, it can be difficult to decide what degree the initial smaller subdivisions are. The main reason for the difficulty is that wave degree is not based upon specific price or time lengths. Waves are dependent upon form, which is a function of both price and time. The degree of a form is determined by its size and position relative to component, adjacent and encompassing waves.
This relativity is one of the aspects of the Wave Principle that make real time interpretation an intellectual challenge. Fortunately, the precise degree is usually irrelevant to successful forecasting since it is relative degree that matters most. Another challenging aspect of the Wave Principle is the variability of forms, as described through Lesson 9 of this course.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Truncation
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Elliott used the word "failure" to describe a situation in which the fifth wave does not move beyond the end of the third. We prefer the less connotative term, "truncation," or "truncated fifth." A truncation can usually be verified by noting that the presumed fifth wave contains the necessary five subwaves, as illustrated in Figures 1-11 and 1-12. Truncation often occurs following an extensively strong third wave.

The U.S. stock market provides two examples of major degree truncated fifths since 1932. The first occurred in October 1962 at the time of the Cuban crisis (see Figure 1-13). It followed the crash that occurred as wave 3. The second occurred at year-end in 1976 (see Figure 1-14). It followed the soaring and broad wave (3) that took place from October 1975 to March 1976.

Diagonal Triangles
A diagonal triangle is a motive pattern yet not an impulse, as it has one or two corrective characteristics. Diagonal triangles substitute for impulses at specific locations in the wave structure. As with impulses, no reactionary subwave fully retraces the preceding actionary subwave, and the third subwave is never the shortest. However, diagonal triangles are the only five-wave structures in the direction of the main trend within which wave four almost always moves into the price territory of (i.e., overlaps) wave one. On rare occasions, a diagonal triangle may end in a truncation, although in our experience such truncations occur only by the slimmest of margins.
Ending Diagonal
An ending diagonal is a special type of wave that occurs primarily in the fifth wave position at times when the preceding move has gone "too far too fast," as Elliott put it. A very small percentage of ending diagonals appear in the C wave position of A-B-C formations. In double or triple threes (to be covered in Lesson 9), they appear only as the final "C" wave. In all cases, they are found at the termination points of larger patterns, indicating exhaustion of the larger movement.
Ending diagonals take a wedge shape within two converging lines, with each subwave, including waves 1, 3 and 5, subdividing into a "three," which is otherwise a corrective wave phenomenon. The ending diagonal is illustrated in Figures 1-15 and 1-16 and shown in its typical position in larger impulse waves. Figure 1-15 Figure 1-16
We have found one case in which the pattern's boundary lines diverged, creating an expanding wedge rather than a contracting one. However, it is unsatisfying analytically in that its third wave was the
shortest actionary wave, the entire formation was larger than normal, and another interpretation was possible, if not attractive. For these reasons, we do not include it as a valid variation.
Ending diagonals have occurred recently in Minor degree as in early 1978, in Minute degree as in February-March 1976, and in Subminuette degree as in June 1976. Figures 1-17 and 1-18 show two of these periods, illustrating one upward and one downward "real-life" formation. Figure 1-19 shows our real-life possible expanding diagonal triangle. Notice that in each case, an important change of direction followed.

Although not so illustrated in Figures 1-15 and 1-16, fifth waves of diagonal triangles often end in a "throw-over," i.e., a brief break of the trendline connecting the end points of waves one and three. Figures 1-17 and 1-19 show real life examples. While volume tends to diminish as a diagonal triangle of small degree progresses, the pattern always ends with a spike of relatively high volume when a throw-over occurs. On rare occasions, the fifth subwave will fall short of its resistance trendline.
A rising diagonal is bearish and is usually followed by a sharp decline retracing at least back to the level where it began. A falling diagonal by the same token is bullish, usually giving rise to an upward thrust.
Fifth wave extensions, truncated fifths and ending diagonal triangles all imply the same thing: dramatic reversal ahead. At some turning points, two of these phenomena have occurred together at different degrees, compounding the violence of the next move in the opposite direction.

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 Betreff des Beitrags: Re: Domain aoa-gilde.de ist zurück
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 Betreff des Beitrags: How to Fix iPhone 11 Can’t Sync with iTunes Issue
BeitragVerfasst: Di 17. Dez 2019, 09:13 

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hii angel,

iTunes is a popular and widely used management utility for managing data like music, videos, radio, controlling and storing various data on your device. It usually works on MacOS for multiple purposes like syncing, backing up, and much more.

However, the platform can show you some errors as well. If you wish to solve them as well, then here is how to fix this issue of syncing and backing up your iPhone through iTunes on Mac.

*First of all, shut iTunes.
*Then, navigate to the Apple menu tab.
*After that, tap on the “System Preferences” option.
*Now, hit the tab “Software Update” and then look for the available update of the latest version compatible for MacOS Mojave and iTunes.
*Then, open your iTunes again on your Mac.
*After that, use your USB cord to connect the Mac with your iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max devices.
*Now, get unlocked your device and then select the “Trust” for Mac.

#Now, you may get one of the two pop-out options:
#A pop-out message will display on your device requesting to install an update as your device required it to run iTunes. If you wish to install the said update, then tap on “Install” and skip the point no.- 10.

A pop-out box will inform you that the software update is not displaying on your device’s screen.

In this case, you have to follow these steps:

*First and foremost, navigate to the “Finder’ option and then hit it.
*After that, hit the menu “Go” to pull it down.
*Then select the option “Go to Folder.”
*Next, you have to enter the command given below:


*After that, open your app displays with the name “MobileDeviceUpdater.app” in the directory.
*Next, give your consent for installing the update by tapping the option “Install” when it displays a message that your device required to get updated with compatible software in order to connect to iTunes.
*Now, shut the iTunes and then reopen it once the prompt appears in order to complete the updating process by selecting the option “Close application and Install.”
*Wait for a while until the iTunes reopens.
*Then, try to perform a syncing operation and back up your data on any of the iPhone 11 editions.

Note: The requirement of software update of your iTunes will not appear in the ordinary section of “Software Update” running on macOS.

It is important to upgrade the available software update on your device by searching for its availability manually on your iPhone. It is because sometimes it may hide or appear on another screen or desktop of your Mac. It enables your iTunes to sync or update smoothly before you see the update.

Users can also install the updated version of the iTunes update on their iPhones by navigating the “App Store” or “Software Update” section. After that, follow a similar process that is mentioned above.

Download the auxiliary latest update so that iTunes can identify new iPhones with various others like iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Max.

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