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What is McAfee Safe Connect?
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Autor:  smithzack792 [ Mo 14. Sep 2020, 16:17 ]
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McAfee has been popularizing its name in multiple products like VPN, antivirus products, routers, security features, and many more products. One such amazingly designed McAfee Activate product is McAfee Safe Connect, a virtual private network (i.e. VPN) that makes it possible for the users to protect the users’ privacy and their identity, make an approach to the websites that have been blocked, as well as browse the internet anonymously.

The McAfee VPN product ensures that the entire security features get successfully activated onto the device (iOS, Android, and Windows) connecting the users to the internet. The network data traveling through this VPN transfers in an encrypted manner and the default encryption is AES 256-bit. Encryption ensures that the file is read by the desired user only, by decrypting the file code and thus, it is not accessed by some undesired user.

McAfee Safe Connect also ensures that the users’ privacy is increased, once they are indulged in some internet activities. It ensures that the IP address of the users’ device does gets changed every time to ensure that the user is accessing the internet through other physical location. Apart from this, the McAfee VPN helps the business holders or the entrepreneurs to get connected to their work networks either from home or road. And thus, this device is becoming quite popular among the home users too, because of the security feature they offer to them.

Many users do have the habit of utilizing the free internet through Wi-Fi being connected to restaurants, coffee shops, or any other public place. And thus, the chances of the users of getting attacked via online threats like password sniffing or ‘Man-in-the-middle’ attacks do get increased. Hence, McAfee Safe Connect ensures that the cyber criminals do not get any idea about users’ online activity through its security measures.

The users may get or purchase the McAfee VPN product either free or purchase its premium activate product through its official website i.e. There is not much difference between the free account or the premium account of the McAfee VPN product, its comparison has been mentioned in the information detailed below:

-The bandwidth of free account is 250 MB per month while there is no bandwidth cap for the users holding a premium account.
-18 virtual locations are being available for premium account users so that their internet activities are continued without restrictions. While for a free account there is only one virtual location is available i.e. optimized. This ensures that the server being utilized as a VPN to access the internet is the one that is the closest to the users’ physical location.
-Using the free account, the users could easily protect a single device while multiple devices could be protected using the premium account.


In this article, we have detailed the entire information related to the McAfee Activate VPN i.e. McAfee Safe Connect. For more details, the users may visit the official website of McAfee VPN product i.e. to get more ideas about this product.

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