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casing pipe In accordance with API-5CT and ISO11960 standard, pipes can be classified as STC (short thread), LTC (long thread) and BTC (buttress thread) accompanied with their couplings.
Threads are used as mechanical means to hold the neighboring joints together during axial tension or compression. For all casing sizes, the threads are not intended to be leak resistant when made up.The round-thread (STC or LTC) casing pipe strength is given as the lesser of the fracture strength of the pin and the jump-out strength.
API Spec 5CT – Specification 5CT/ISO 11960, Specification for Casing and Tubing, Eighth Edition, Petroleum and natural gas industries-Steel pipes for use as casing or tubing for wells.
Standard: API SPEC 5CT
API 5CT casing pipe Size (mm):
Outer Dimensions: 114.3mm – 508.0mm
Wall Thickness: 5.21mm – 30 mm
Length: max 12000mm
Application: gas, water and oil transportation in both oil and natural gas .
The main steel grade of API 5CT:
API 5CT P110
Packing: Bare/bundles/crates/crate protection at the both sides of tubes or as per customers’ requirements .
This International Standard is applicable to the following connections in accordance with ISO 10422 or API Spec 5B:
short round thread casing (STC);
long round thread casing (LC);
buttress thread casing (BC);
extreme-line casing (XC);
Mechanical Properties of API 5CT
Steel GradeYield Strength (Mpa)Tensile Strength (Mpa)
Specifications :
●Heat treating
●Drift testing (Full-length, or just ends)
●Hydrostatic Testing
●Full third-party inspection capabilities
●Coating to customer specifications
●Marker joints/Cut-to-length

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Casing Pipe price

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