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We are an innovative and exciting manufacturer of IPL ,Laser,slimming and anti-aging machines. Our team consists of scientists and qualified laser engineers who ensure that our machines meet highest standards of design and quality.
At Cytime,we are at the forefront of Science and Technology. We aim to provide you with reliable high technology.
Our Factory
Cytime is located in the capital of China-Beijing. As a global supplier in the Beauty machine, Cytime is to create added value for customers around the world.
Add: No.33 Jingsheng South Second Street, Majuqiao Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing 101102, China
Our Products
Our product as follows:
1.SHR ,Elight IPL machine
2.2.Diode Laser machine
3.Q-switch nd yag laser machine
4.Co2 laser machine
5.HIFU& HIFU - vagina machine
6.Liposonix machine
7.Cryolipolysis machine
8.Hydro water machine
9.Dermabrasion machine
10.LED machine
Product Application
1.acne,pigment,vascular,hair removal and skin rejuvenation
2.hair removal,skin rejuvenation and vascular removal
3.tattoo,pigment,makeup,birth mark removal
4.scar ,stretch mark removal, tightening vagina
5.ace lifting,wrinkle removal and tightening vagina
6.slimming and shaping body
7.black head removal and cleansing skin.
Cytime Certificates
Since 2008 we got the certificates of CE, ISO13485, SGS, as we well as the certificate , Permits for Medical Device Production Enterprises, High-Tech Enterprise Certificate .
Production Market
Our products have been exported to Germany, France,USA and other European countries as well as South American , North American, the Middle East many countries
We have distributors in USA , France, ,Pakistan,India,Bulgaria and so on.

Trade & Market
Our Product Process
Our service
Our Exhibition
We often go abroad to attend the exhibition.
1.April 2017---SPAIN---Cosma Beauty
2.April 2016---DUBAI---Dubai Derma
3.May 2015---FRANCE---Beautyworld Middle EastPortable E-light Machine wholesale

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