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N-octadecylalkyl diquaternium salt
Another name:Double-chain quaternary ammonium salt
Nature:Conclude two weng nitrogen atoms, it has stronger bonding capacity and adsorption capacity of metal, plastic, fabric, mining,the compound of non-ionic and amphoteric surfactants, its performance has been further improved,and water-soluble significantly increased, strengthening of emulsifying power.
Purpose :
1. Quaternary ammonium salt Cationic surfactant emulsifier, can be used as asphalt emulsifiers, ore flotation agent, fabric and finishing auxiliaries, metal processing additives.
2. Be used for oil field injection water to sterilize. In oilfield re-injection of sewage, there are a large number of microorganisms, such as: sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), iron bacteria, saprophytic bacteria. In the process of their growth, metabolism, and reproduction, these microorganisms can cause severe corrosion of drilling and production equipment, Water injection pipeline and other metal materials, they also clog pipes, and damage to the oil reservoir, which cause the reduction of water injection rate, oil production and gasoline quality. At the same time, these troubles have made the crude oil processing more difficult. All of these results a great economic losses. Currently the main method to control the reinjection sewage bacteria is still adding fungicides. However, there are only several fungicides in common use, such as chlorine dioxide, aldehydes, and quaternary ammonium salt. These fungicides more or less have some defects, such as: large dosage, high toxicity, and heavily polluted. Although the bactericidal effect of the quaternary ammonium salt is good, long-run use will make the SRB produce drug resistance, which resulting in the increase of dosage and processing costs. Thus, the development of new effective fungicides is very necessary. As a typical representative of the new fungicide family, the biquaternary ammonium salt attracts widespread attention for its low toxicity, excellent performance. Biquaternary ammonium salt, also known as, Esterquat Gemini surfactant. Compared with 1227, biquaternary ammonium salt has a higher bactericidal effect, and used with other agents, it not only can inhibit SRB drug resistance, but also reduce the cost of processing. Meanwhile, the biquaternary ammonium salt has excellent water solubility, and also has good corrosion inhibition of carbon steel.
Zwitterionic Surfactant factory

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